About Kali

Kali is the lead vocalist/keyboard player for the band Fat Fox.

Singing has always been a passion for Kali since she was young. While her love for music was influenced by both her parents, it was her mother who passed on her singing skills and abilities, while her dad provided the encouragement. A majority of her ability to sing and harmonize came from singing along with her parents and siblings during church services growing up.

Kali has been the lead vocalist in other bands, Petrichord and Laika Launched, before forming with Fat Fox.

Outside of music, Kali is a mother to two boys and five dogs. She has been in the Air National Guard for over 14 years as a Cyber System Operator and works as a substitute teacher in the local area. She has a love for travel and hanging out in the sun with a nice drink!

Musical Influences: Adele, Ruth B., Jewel, Shania Twain, Backstreet Boys, Vampire Weekend