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It seems like only recently we bid farewell to our original, beloved, drummer TJ Willis, and welcomed Rory Langdon into Fat Fox! — Don’t worry: This post isn’t about Rory leaving… he’s doing AWESOME and not going anywhere!!

Farewell to Another Founding Member

We have however, received news from our bass player Laurence, that he will likely soon be moving home to Arizona

Laurence moved to the Tri-Cities a few years ago after being hired at PNNL; and now that tele-working has become much more practical, he’s making the decision to move back to Phoenix to be with friends, family, and among other things, escape the cold! (and who could blame him… we’re all a little jealous of their warmer weather right now! :P)

For those who don’t know, Laurence started learning bass in 2019 just to be in our band! — quite a testament to his ability to learn and play!

Laurence has been instrumental (pun intended) to Fat Fox, performing and recording bass on all of our original songs to date; his style and influence can be especially heard on our tunes: The Breeze, Flicker, Live In My Dreams, and When it Comes Naturally (go listen to all of these!). He will definitely be missed!

Similar to Rory, Laurence was actually also running sound for us before he joined Fat Fox (funny how that works). — He was exactly the right guy at the right time.

He’s not ‘officially’ moving until later this year (probably closer to summer) and still has to work out some logistics, so we’ll have him with us still on occasion.

Meet Fat Fox’s New Bass

Fortunately! (and those of you who were with us at Michele’s Jan 14th know this), we’ve already secured a new bass player!

Fate has it, that back in November we knew Laurence wasn’t going to be able to make our January gig at Michele’s, so we started working with locally renowned bass sensation Brian Williams, to fill in for the night.

Once we learned Laurence might be moving away, we knew we had to have Brian as our guy… To make the story short & sweet: we proposed… he said YES! Turns out, he’s not just a great bass player, but a great guy and a awesome fit for the band.

Brian joins from the local group Apophus (go check them out!!) and will continue to split his time with them as he joins our group. — Maybe there could be some collaborations in the future???

We have a few gigs lined up already and more in the works, so keep an eye on our events page or on our Facebook for details! — As of right now, April 15 (tax day) is Laurence’s last gig with us — so definitely come help us say farewell!!

Until we see you next time — Keep Rockin’!!

-Fat Fox


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