New Release – Out of Touch

It’s been a while!! — Since both writing the blog and releasing original music!
We’re excited to share details about our new song release!! This one’s called “Out of Touch“.

Writing and recording the song

This is a song written by Tommy in 2020; starting with some lyrics and a simple composition idea. The guitars (both rhythm and solo) were recorded as the song was written in Oct of 2020.

After sitting for almost an entire year, the song was re-visited and the composition ironed out. Kali record the vocals (including all harmonies) in Oct, 2021.

The project then sat AGAIN for 7 months as we went through some changes as a band.

Finally; in late May, 2022 we returned to pick up the seriousness of the project when Brian wrote & recorded the bass part (performed flawlessly in one session, btw!!).

Rory began to work on the drums, completing the part in June. Here’s a peak of Rory working out some of the drum parts for the recording:

Rory – Out of Touch initial drum take

For those who haven’t been tracking, this is both Brian and Rory’s first contributions to the writing of a Fat Fox original!!

The previous Fat Fox release was Flicker, late last year.

Mixing & Mastering

Rory took lead on mixing and audio production for this project, with Tommy making subtle mix contributions and overseeing the overall direction of the mix.

Mixing took about 3 months in total; and after a busy summer of gigging, the song production was finally finished in September 2022!

Prior to release, we first performed the song live on July 29th at Barnard Griffin Winery!

Album Art Design

Short after mix completion, Tommy slapped together something for the album art, making the entire thing ready for release!!

Album art designed for Out of Touch

In case you don’t see it, the art depicts a shattering car window; a metaphor used in the song lyrics to describe momentum from a communication breakdown and a relationship potentially crashing apart. The bright colors are just because we like bright colors! 🙂

Where to Listen

\/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/

For more ways to hear it, head on over to our music page, or check it out on Soundcloud!

Once released you can find it on almost any music streaming platform
Check out this list to find the one you use!

Links to all of our original music can also be found HERE!

Song lyrics

For those who are curious, here are the lyrics written for the song! 🙂

[Verse 1]
Am I out of touch?
Do I think too much?
Are you here to save me from my insanity?
Get in the car, lets go
Another one for the open road

Ooh hey, where do we go from here?
I’m already slow,
To steer us out of the way 
From what we’re about to say

[Verse 2]
Is it just our bad luck?
When you realize you’re already stuck (with no way out)
It doesn’t matter how loud you scream
You’ll never awaken from this dream

Ooh hey, where do we go from here?   
I’m already slow,
To steer us out of the way   
From what is coming our way

[Guitar Solo]

Ooh hey, where do we go from here?
Am I already slow?
To steer us out of the way,  (We’re crashing)     
From what is coming our way

Oh, What is coming our way
What are we about to say?

Come see us perform live!

We love to play our originals at live shows; so keep an eye on our events page or Facebook for details!

Until we see you again — Keep Rockin’!!

-Fat Fox


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Be the first to know about band updates and new releases!

We never spam or share your info!

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