Looking back on a Great Year!

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Hey Everyone! — What a great year it’s been for Fat Fox!
We appreciate all of your support: attending our gigs, listening to our original music, buying our merch, and chatting with us on social media!

Busy Year Gigging!

This year we played more gigs at more venues than we’ve every played before! — 26 gigs, at 17 venues! (whew!) — and the year’s not done yet!

Big shout out to all the venues who hosted us this year! We are very grateful to play for such great hosts with such great service to their patrons! We look forward to working with you all next year!

Here’s where we played this year! (plus a few coming up):

Jan 14 -- At Michele's Event Center
Mar 13 -- Iconic Brewing Co
Mar 19 -- D's Wicked Cider
Apr 15 -- At Michele's Event Center
Apr 16 -- The Chicken Shack (W. Richland)
Apr 23 -- Prosser Eagles
May 07 -- The Chicken Shack
May 14 -- The Dugout (Richland)
Jun 18 -- Private Party (Birthday)
Jul 07 -- Live @ 5
Jul 16 -- At Michele's Event Center
Jul 28 -- Taverna Tagaris Winery
Jul 29 -- Rewster's Craft Bar & Grill
Jul 30 -- Barnard Griffin Winery
Aug 20 -- Tin Hat Tavern
Aug 26 -- Music & Movies In The Park
Sep 03 -- Iconic Brewing Co
Sep 16 -- Rewster's Craft Bar & Grill
Sep 17 -- Private Event (Apple Fest)
Sep 17 -- Sausage Festival
Sep 24 -- The Chicken Shack
Oct 01 -- At Michele's Event Center
Oct 22 -- Rewster's Craft Bar & Grill
Nov 18 -- Epicurean Delight (40th Anniv)
Nov 19 -- Sing Reunited Benefit Concert
Dec 31 -- Prosser Eagles (New Years!)

Not too shabby for a band who formed in 2019, just before all the COVID lockdowns!

Don’t see a venue on here that you want us to play?? — pLeAsE, tell them about us!!
The best way we can grow is by your word of mouth! 🙂

Fishing for a new Bass

This year we said farewell to Laurence and welcomed Brian into our group on bass guitar!
This one was no catch-and-release! 🤣

Laurence (2019 – 2022)
Brian (2022 – 2088)

New Original Music

We release a new original single, “Out of Touch”; and have many more in the works!

Go listen to it now!! 😀

Album art designed for Out of Touch

We’re hoping to get more original music out at a faster pace — it’s just been SOOO busy welcoming new bandmates and juggling such a busy gigging year.

We’ve got one in the works right now, “Free of You” — more details to come!!

Welcomed a new fox into the family

Our bass player Brian welcomed a new little fox, Robin, into the family!!

Brian and Michelle’s little baby Robin

Additionally, Tommy and Kali both have another little one on the way, (due April next year)!

Expanded our stage presence

We expanded our stage equipment, designed and built a crate to transport our lighting system, and re-designed our live audio setup!

Want to get into the geeky technical details?? — Just ask us at a gig!! 🙂

Also, we designed our own t-shirt and are hoping to get more printed soon!! — Ask us about them at our gigs!

Keep watching for new events!

We’ll continue finding gigs through this winter and into next year; so keep an eye on our events page or Facebook for details!

As always — reach out to us — and thanks again for such a great year!!!

Rock on!!

-Fat Fox 🦊


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We never spam or share your info!


Be the first to know about band updates and new releases!

We never spam or share your info!

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