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What a year for Fat Fox!! — In 2023 we met more fans and played more venues than ever before!! We heard our original music air on local radio and saw our smiling faces on live TV! — We can only hope 2024 will be just as good to us πŸ™‚

To Our Fans

First! — We couldn’t do this without the incredible support from YOU; and this year we’ve had the privilege to meet more fans that ever before!!!

It’s always the best feeling when we see you coming to our shows or liking and commenting on our social media posts! — We see you and we hear you!!

We started off 2023 with just over 500 Facebook followers (not bad for a fairly new band) and throughout the year we’ve earned 256 more, putting us just over 750 followers!!

THANK YOU to everyone for joining us!

More followers helps us reach more people, and that means better reach for our music. It helps us appear more credible for folks bookings gigs, and lets us know people love what we’re doing! ❀️

We never artificially inflate the number of fans we have and we always rely on natural growth (friends telling friends, people stumbling onto our shows, etc.).

So please, invite your friends! Because it helps us immensely!

More Gigs, More Venues

We rocked more venues in 2023 than any year before!! — A trend we hope will continue!

We played 31 gigs at 26 venues; and 15 of these locations we had never played before!!

There are still so many venues in the Tri-Cites we’ve never been invited to play! — So if there’s somewhere you want us to be, ask the venue to bookFat Fox“!! — or reach out and tell us where we should be!

Did you know we play private parties and events?? — We usually play several each year; ask us to play yours!

Things fill up quick and we’re already starting to line up gigs for next year! See where we’ll be!

Fat Fox on the radio!

Did we mention you can hear us on the radio!?!?

If you haven’t heard us yet, tune into 88.1 The Edge (KTCV) (run by the students at the Tri-Tech Skills Center). The station’s been airing one of our original songs “Out of Touch” since January.

Listen to “Out of Touch” right here:

Not only are we on 88.1 (KTCV), but we have original music airing in Tacoma, WA on 101.9 Radio Tacoma (LPFM)! — Tune in if you’re in the area!!

Find our original music everywhere you want to listen!

We even put it all all onto one CD!! — you know, so you can put it into one of those new popular portable spiny CD player things!! Pick the album up at any of our local shows! We’ll even sign it for you! πŸ˜‰

As Seen On TV…

This year we’re also incredibly fortunate to be featured as an artist for STCU‘s “Moment of Cheer” holiday campaign where we performed our version of “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree“!

See the three other artists featured by STCU here!

The commercial aired on TV stations all across the Pacific Northwest! (we even aired during a Seahawks game!!) 🏈

Here’s the full ad, as seen on TV!

Arranged, recorded & produced by Fat Fox!! The video was shot and produced by Colormatics, who did an excellent job!

Want to listen to the full song? Find it here!

It’s hard to imagine how things could get better than this!! πŸ™‚

New Original Music!

Thought we were done!?!?

In addition to all our practicing, gigging, meeting fans, filming TV commercials, raising families, working full-time jobs; we’ve continued to work on new original music!!

We have so much lined up, it’s hard to find time for it all!! — BUT DON’T WORRY, we’re working on it!! Here’s a song we released early this year!!

As you should already know — you can always listen to us on your favorite streaming platform!! πŸ˜‰

We’re already working on new music for next year — some of it much different than anything we’ve released before!

We hope you’re as excited as we are!!

New Content

There’s more!?!? — Yep.

Who knew Rory had a talent for making reels and shorts!? We sure didn’t until now!

Watch these and let us know what you think!! — Should we continue making more!?!?

Rory shares his secrets for staying fit this holiday season!

Rory helps promote new and up-coming artist Trans Siberian Orchestra!


Yep… you read that right. So let us spill the details…

We’re just as eager and excited to get to the next Fat Fox show as the rest of you… but before we do, we’re going on break… yep.

As most of you know; two of our members (Kali & Tommy) serve in the USAF as reservists… In fact, Fat Fox is actually a veteran owned business; and part of that sacrifice is sometimes being called to service; fortunately for us, service this time is for training…

None-the-less, Tommy will be away attending an Air Force officer school for 5-months, starting immediately after our New Year’s Eve bash at the Richland Dugout!

What that means is, New Year’s Eve will be the last chance to catch Fat Fox until we’re BACK in June of 2024!

Wrap It Up Already!!

Okay, okay… So what are we going to do that entire time!?!? — Well, we’re going to write and record music of course!!

We’re all set up to continue collaborating with Tommy while he’s gone, and we think we have some pretty exciting stuff for you all!

Of course, only time will tell… so STAY TUNED!! Follow us!! Engage with our posts!! Tell us what you want, what you NEED!! We’ll keep doing our best to deliver new music and give the best performances we possibly can!

Until we see you out there!! — KEEP ROCKIN’!! 🦊

… or something like that πŸ˜‰


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Be the first to know about band updates and new releases!

We never spam or share your info!

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